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Live Performance licence


Our story starts at the turn of the century.
Were talking about the year of 2020


Giving every performance a unique narrative. Room 46 is a combination of scripted and ad-lib scenes, giving your young actors a chance to describe moments during their individual stories. Unlocking creativity, the cast can inject their own personality and spontaneity into a the script. Adding extra adornments, variations and elements to the original script that portrays individual recollections. 


Everyone will have their own memories of the time throughout the pandemic, and we are inviting you to tell your stories. Even you will be surprised how you don’t remember the pandemic the way you think you do. The stories told will be coloured by your own experience and by the experiences of those around you. 



The Theatrical Performance Licence: 

  • Full scripts and guidance - optional 6-9 leading cast, supporting cast and chorus. 

  • PRS Music rights - soundtrack and lyrics 

  • Stage direction and choreography guidance (stage direction will also be a part of the competition) 

  • Unlimited access to the original Room 46 performance video. 

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