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About Us



The streaming platform allows plays to be downloaded from 24-72-hours, although it's not the same as having the performances live, it allows for multi viewing, something a live show can't give. It's deemed a great tool, especially if plays are being used for education reasons. Being able to re-visit subjects are very important for young minds. 

Our Mission

Is to bring stories to the 'stage to screen' and perform a live experience that is enjoyable for all of our audiences. We are passionate about laughter, but believe tears and other emotions taps into our souls, and that's where all the learning starts. Our shows provide a little bit of reality which brings people together. 

We are theatre makers and our audiences are out creators. 

Booking Live Shows 

A selection of our shows are available to book for Live performances 

Our Values Our Vision

Are the heart of our company and are shared throughout our work and the creative staff who make it happen. 

We are all facing the 'new norm', but we want to be a part of the change in British Theatre. So, creating 'stage to screen' productions, we can introduce the masses to theatre. 

Our performances range from creative stories for age groups nursery to year 11. 

Mental Health Awareness 

Mental health support at a young age can help children process problems as they develop. Through the arts, there has always been the ability to engage without judgment, to share knowledge, answers, understanding, and a message of hope and trust. It helps them explore their own situations.

Visual Art (Stage or Screen), mirroring as therapy, helps to communicate feelings or thoughts they find difficult to talk about. It helps them to look at a problem or situation in a new way and explore difficult or painful personal experiences.

Mental Health is a growing issue amongst our younger generation and although there is a huge amount of help to be had, there is still a highlighted amount of children and young people that do not come forward. The recent challenges of the Covid pandemic have highlighted this more than ever, and managing fears and uncertainty in young minds is apparent and when it comes to how we engage with them needs to reach out to the heart of the problems. Factual, visual arts will help them understand themselves better and not hide in the shadows with their own demons.

​Mental health affects people in so many ways and yet, the most difficult part is self-acknowledgment, to be able speak out about it without feeling embarrassed or stupid is a double edge sword. It's not easy to talk, it’s not easy to express feelings, it’s not easy to acknowledge suffering, and it’s not easy to ask others to understand! 


Social matters are as important as the curriculum, at times they define they way we are.  

Throughout the year the nation supports social matters that effect all lives and societies, including Anti-bullying, Allergy Awareness, Cancer Awareness, Mental Health and Racism. 


For a large percentage of our children and young adults talking about personal issues isn't easy. 
The plays we produce help encourage open conversation or to help build self-confidence. Through the arts,  we can bring matters to the forefront so they engage more openly, understand others and different social needs. More importantly we can GET KIDS TALKING

The Team

J L Snooks_edited

Creative Director Writer and Stage Producer. Justine has produced children's books, animation and theatre for over 20-years. Worked alone-side some of the best personalities in the industry, whom she credits for her knowledge.

WhatsApp Image 2020-12-30 at 12.05_edited

Composition, production, mixing, mastering and experiencing endless joy of working with music of all genres

June Rachelson-Ospa

Copywriter, playwright, lyricist, book writer and producer. June has worked in Theatre Productions for over 18 years : Musicals: Welcome to Tourettaville at Kennedy Center for Congress, Rapunzarella White , Stupid Wig, Imaginary Boy. Ran theatre programs for YMCA and AMAS Musical Theatre. As lyricist songs feature Broadway vocalists and Hall of Fame Artists.

Teri Levett

Stage Manager & Director - Actor & Writer. Teri has 30-years experience as a performer and stage manager. She brings the fun and dynamics to all productions.


Song Writer, Theatre Writer, Producer & Actor. Kema Kay, is know for his Rap Music, he is renowned artist and incredible lyricist.

dan pic

DANIELLE COWLBECK Executive Marketing Manager Danielle has worked in the marketing, Pr & licensing industry for over 20-years and her experience covers a multi platform. She is the backbone of Kids Active Theatre Co, and props everyone up. Having lead teams on many different marketing platforms, Danielle has been responsible for launching successful B2B & B2C PR campaigns, connecting communities and towns to their High Streets and local businesses. She holds many keys that help build a good work

Diana Hiskey

Casting Director Musical Performance & Stage Photography Diana turned her knowledge from a stage actress and singer to becoming a casting director. Working alongside KATC she also manages events for music groups.

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