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Room 46 ~The Musical 

ROOM 46 ©2021 - School Adaptation

The production is mainly scripted, however there are sections of adlib where conversion needs to be improvised 

ROOM 46 - The Musical

The story: Room 46 is an adorable story about a group of teenagers that become friends through social media during the 2020 lockdown. The show is heartwarming, funny and follows the true course of teenagers trying to navigate their way through life with more restrictions than they’re used to. It explores how kids felt through a year in time and brings to light the hardships of home schooling and lockdown. 

Cast: The original play was performed with a cast of 6, that were present all the time on stage. They were responsible for changing their own set and costume. For the school adaptation we have written in extra cas, however the amount of main casting characters are optional above six. 


The Theatrical Performance Licence: 

  • Free entry (optional) to the national competition (winners will get to perform their version of Room 46 on a national stage in front of a public audience) 

  • Full scripts and guidance - 6-9 leading cast, supporting cast and chorus. 

  • PRS Music rights - soundtrack and lyrics 

  • Stage direction and choreography guidance (stage direction will also be a part of the competition) 

  • Unlimited access to the original Room 46 performance video. 



Licence is for single performance to be performed in front of a public audience: £140.00 


Download All Information 

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