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A True Heartfelt Story Of A Young Girls Struggle With Cancer & The Loss Of her Hair

Despite the prediction of three months to live from the doctors, Shirley survived beyond this time-frame...STUPID WIG tells the true emotions of a young child facing cancer and the side-effects of treatment. 

As well as coping with her illness, Shirley began to lose her hair, and having to wear a wig proved to be a difficult experience for her.  Over the months of her treatment Shirley became rather sick of having to wear the titular ‘Stupid Wig’, and it was during a school visit from the' nit nurse', she boldly discarded the wig before her school friend and peers.

Stupid Wig explores the deeper effects of childhood cancer, such as those on the family of the child, who are a hug support through many troubles living with the disease. 

Stupid Wig explores all emotions felt at a time like this – anger, misery, fear, anxiousness but also the sense of strength and understanding within the family and friends unit. Learning to cope with her illness and anxieties, Shirley believed in three simple principles: just be kind, try to understand, and try to not be afraid as strength is important. It is very difficult for all affected parties to not be scared at such a time

Stupid Wig's tale is a beacon amidst the darkness of a life with childhood cancer for all of those affected. Friends, family, and the child themselves may find some comfort in the understanding message and aspects of this play that are relatable to anybody in the situation of Shirley, her friends and family. Often, anxiety is overstated in our minds, and the play proves this in Shirley’s case when, to her surprise, her peers are understanding when she takes off her wig. 

But when it's not overstated, or obvious and bullies try to tear us down, it comes from a place lacking in understanding. Stupid Wig is a play about empowerment, understanding, and, more than anything, kindness.

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Polly Butler

As Shirley

Millie Eggleston

As Denise 'Deni' 

Jake Lennon 

As Dad

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Eliza Belward

As Dr Armstrong 

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