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Olivia is passionate about helping those who helped her and a percentage of all downloads go towards supporting YoungMinds Trust, who's help went a long way in helping Olivia through her darkest days. 

A Powerful Assembly Talk About Being Bullied

Someone Like Me, an inspirational assembly talk from Olivia Lynn who struggled in her early senior school life due to bullying. Olivia's story holds no stone unturned as she takes her audience through her traumas and struggles throughout these years. This is a powerful, strong and heartfelt message.

Olivia's struggle with bullying started at the age of 14-years - to this day she has no idea why she was bullied or what triggered the hate she was shown

This strong and powerful message, is an uplifting story that many children can learn from, weather they are being bulled or the bullies. 

No one can physically put a stop to bullying behaviour, weather it is in school or outside, but for children to hear amazing strength that others have taken to make a stand against it is inspirational. 

Olivia is looking to a brighter future and supports Youth Mental Health and YoungMinds for the brilliant work they do do support young people and get them talking. She is still constantly battling with long term issues due to her experiences, live anxiety, OCD, and separation issues, but day-by-day she pushes for a better future. 

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Olivia Lynn 

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Country Pop Singer

in 6-months of releasing her first single MODERN GIRL, Olivia has topped the UK iTunes Country chards with both her first three singles. After the success of her first chart topping single, Olivia was set to touch more hearts with the release. Anchor In The Storm 

Throughout her young life, Olivia has overcome many challenges, Her anchor and strength throughout was her Mum. This song is dedicated, not just to Olivia's Anchor, but to every mother, parent and friend that stands beside us all.

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