Year 1- Year 3 
There is no better person to read a book than the writer themselves. We get to hear their words in the way they they thought then as they were written. There's no greater animator than an author and It's also an amazing opportunity for children to meet and greet the creator. 
Author / Story-teller   



East Of England Area 



Variety of tiles 

Early Reader Chapter Books


Reading & Workshop

Story-Time - with an fun interaction questions and art time, 'Imagine If' 

Terry Willis 

Terry Willis - An array of books told in rhyme

Throughout 2020


40 Minutes (to an hour) Interactive Zoom reading with Terry Willis. Starting with a short welcome, then readings from a selection of her poetry books, followed by Questions from the floor - get to know the lady behind the books. 

Zoom Readings

The event will end with a ‘Thank You’ from Terry.

The Zoom can host up to 20 schools. 

All Questions for the author can be emailed in before the event, however it will be possible for Terry to take questions on the day.

Please make sure you add the Child's name OR Class that are asking the questions. 

Cost £12.00 per session

Books can be ordered via the school using code TW/02

 J L Snooks 

J.L Snooks - Early Reader Chapter Books 

5-7 reading age 

Throughout 2020


The event will consist of a 40 Minutes (to an hour) reading and interactive fun with Justine. Starting with a short welcome, then a 20-minute, interactive reading time, followed by a script-writing workshop 'If I Were' - the children explore the art of story-boarding through their own ideas. 

Arrive and introduction
Reading from the book (Squeak, Squeak Aahhh and Mouse In The House) 

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