Reception - Year 1 
There is no better person to read a book than the writer themselves. We get to hear their words in the way they thought them as they were written. There's no greater animator than an author and It's also an amazing opportunity for children to meet and greet the creator. 
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Early Readers, Chapter Books

Character Based 

Story / Picture Books 

Character Based 

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Character Based 

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Reading & Workshop

Interactive Theatre Reading  - Literature Meets Music

Story time with interactive character art

Story time with an illustrator! See the characters come together as the story develops 

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Aimee Farey 


Author of the Adventures of Vinny The Vet & Mr Jangles

The event will consist of a 45 Minutes (to an hour) reading and interactive fun with Sue.

Starting with a Short Welcome, introducing the book and characters, then a 15­minute, interactive
colour­ me ­in, followed by Story­Time.

In Sue’s books Vinny The Vet has a cat named Mr Jangles, and he likes to cause trouble! The book has many other characters and the children can choose who they would like to be.
(prints will be supplies)

Story­-time, where the children will be able to use their coloured characters to take part in the story.

The event will end with a Thank You from Sue.


Sue Johnson

Adapted from the children’s book 

‘I See Santa’

November December - 2020 

Adaptation of the books by J.L Snooks we are pleased to present this fun, theatre interactive reading with Aimee Farey.

Aimee has over 20 years of, entertainment, stage and singing experience and is a true entertainer, she will be fill the children with delight and laughter. 

I See Santa 

The King, the head of the royal household is partial to a slice of cheese or two. Yet, when night after night, his cheese goes missing from the kitchen stores, a mouse hunt is declared! 


Doors were locked, windows shut, holes and the smallest of cracks in walls were filled. But when giant foot prints are found amongst the cheese trails, questions are asked...

“How big is this mouse?”

The story is told through interactive theatre with the children taking up roles and joining in the story-telling of this wonderful tale. 


  • The interactive story-time will have children at the edge of their seats.

  • Story-telling with fun role-play, using imagination, a few props, musical instruments and a whole heap of fun. 

  • Told by professional storytellers

One or two classes maximum (approx 60 max) 

Currently NOT Available 


Terry Willis - An array of books told in rhyme

Throughout 2020


40 Minutes (to an hour) Interactive Zoom reading with Terry Willis. Starting with a short welcome, then readings from a selection of her poetry books, followed by Questions from the floor - get to know the lady behind the books. 

Zoom Readings

The event will end with a ‘Thank You’ from Terry.

The Zoom can host up to 20 schools. 

All Questions for the author can be emailed in before the event, however it will be possible for Terry to take questions on the day.

Please make sure you add the Child's name OR Class that are asking the questions. 

Cost £12.00 per session

Books can be ordered via the school using code TW/02

Terry Willis 
Sarah-Leigh Wills

Ainsleigh Barber - GILLIE 

Throughout 2020



We have great pleasure in announcing GILLIE with Ainsleigh Barber, who is the voice of Gillie in this award winning project

The event will consist of a 40 Minutes story-telling by Ainsleigh and animation. 

The event will end with a big ‘Thank You’ 


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