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Adapted from the children’s book 

‘Me And My Injector-Pen’. 


Imprinting this lesson through a 40-minute interactive presentation, PIP and two other characters, will use five learning styles to teach in an animated, fun manner all about food allergies.  


With the use of props, puppets, speech, song, conversation and logic, the characters can open up the conversation to the children through humour and play. The play conveys the importance of allergies without dumbing down the subject matter, but also not frightening the children with horror stories. 


  • The play is tailored towards all food allergies and how they can affect us in different ways. 

  • 15 different food allergies 

  • It looks at the different types of reaction you might get and how these can vary from person to person.

  • It talks about the eight most common food allergies.

  • Talks about keeping safe, why we must not share our food with others that may have an allergy - why that is important?

  • What symptoms to look out for. Why it’s important to tell people you have an allergy and if you see someone with those symptoms it’s best to alert an adult.

  • It covers Adrenaline or Epi-Pens, what are they, how do they work?

The overall message, and one that children will remember, be AWARE of the  SYMPTOMS and ASK someone for help, PHONE a doctor


Performance 1

Reception - Y1,2, & 3 - the children actually meet the character 'PI-P', the injector pen. The performance is a very fun, interactive play which highlights all the relevant information about allergies. 


Includes 30 copies of the book for the school library

Food Allergy Display Cards

Link to workshop sheets 

Performance 2

Year 4, 5, &6  - this performance is equally as fun and interactive, however the information is highlighted differently and with out the character 'PI-P'  - although Q&A's are asked through both performances, this version boasts a workshop interaction at the



Awareness Booklets, Food Allergy Display Cards

Link to workshop sheets 

10% discount when booking the two or three 

performances together 

My daughter did talk to me about the show. She loved it and said it was really funny. She particularly enjoyed that there was a character dressed as an adrenaline pen, just like hers. 

I can’t thank you enough for doing this in a sensitive, child-friendly way. It really reinforces what we’ve been teaching her since she was a baby and I think it’s useful for her to hear this from people who aren’t her parents! It’s helpful for her (and the other children, of course!) to hear other people talking about it and raising awareness of how to navigate the issues surrounding allergies. One of the challenges for my daughter, and myself as a parent of a child with anaphylactic allergies, is dealing with the fact that most people don’t know much about allergies and how serious they can be. I am so grateful that you are helping educate children about this - both for those who don’t know much about it, but also for people like my daughter who will no doubt feel much more ’seen’ and understood as a result of this show. Thank you so much. It means more than I can say. 

Cori Smee (Mother) - Darrick Wood Junior School 

Lively show that engaged the children.

Catchy, memorable acronyms that reinforced essential information - ASAP.

A good starting point for children with allergies to discuss their allergies with their peers.

Good at raising awareness.

Children enjoyed the performance.

SENCO Engayne Primary School - Upminster 

Delightful and fun show demonstrating the awareness of food allergies and their symptoms. A lovely message ASAP, which the children enjoyed. 

The little book that the company leave with the school is a good way to jog little memories and educational - the children will certainly learn a valuable lesson and one they can share with their family and friends. 

PIP, the injector-pen is a funny character who lights up the show. 

EWO Enfield- J Dickinson