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Supporting YoungMinds


Visual Arts - Mental Health Awareness in Children & Young Adults 



Factual plays based on true stories, surrounding social factors, illness, bullying, racism aimed at children and young adults to get discussions started.

Unfortunately, due to lack of resources and communication only half of the children and young people receive the treatment and help they need. Mental health support at a young age can help children process problems as they develop. 


Through the arts, there has always been the ability to engage without judgment, to share knowledge, answers, understanding, and a message of hope and trust. Just like a sponge our brains soak up the visual interaction and process it in its own time. This information is then drip fed giving us time to process our own thoughts, feelings and actions, absorbing knowledge and understanding. 


Mental Health is a growing issue amongst our younger generation and although there is a huge amount of help to be had, there is still a highlighted amount of children and young people that do not come forward and simply hide in the shadows with their own demons.

Mental health can effect us is so many ways and the most difficult part is self acknowledgment, and then to be able speak out about it without feeling embarrassed or stupid - a double edge sword. 


Mental health, a good frame of mind, being able to ‘get it off your chest’, however you look at it,  is important at every stage of life, from childhood and youth through adulthood. Sadly, especially amongst our children and young adults, most of the time our mental blocks are dealt with in silence

It's not easy to talk, it’s not easy to express feelings, it’s not easy to acknowledge suffering, it’s not easy to ask others to understand! 


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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn



FROM STANDING OUT, TO FITTING IN... An inspirational true story. A bittersweet coming of age tale, this amazing, one-man show tells the true story of an family's struggles when they start a new life from Zambia to Newcastle. It portrays the difficulty of 'standing out, when you want to fit in'...however fitting in comes with it's own perils. Viewing Age 13+ years COMING SOON Read More, Watch Promo...

someone like me

someone like me

Someone Like Me, an inspirational assembly talk from Olivia Lynn who struggled in her early senior school life due to bullying. Olivia's story holds no stone unturned as she takes her audience through her traumas and struggles throughout these years. This is a powerful, strong and heartfelt message. Viewing Age 9+ years Available Now Read More, Watch Promo...

room 46 - the musical

room 46 - the musical

DARE WE BE BRAVE... March 2020, the rise of Covid -19. A  Global Pandemic. saw the World in Lockdown! In an online maths Room 46, six teenagers find unlikely friendships  at a time when they thought they were standing alone. Viewing Age 11+ years COMING SOON Read More, Watch Promo...



allergy Aware - ASAP A fun fact play all about food allergies and the symptoms to look out for. Viewing Age 4-8 years AVAILABLE TO STREAM NOW Read More, Watch Promo...



Living with Cancer at any age is difficult and we all cope in different ways. Stupid Wig is a heartful true story about a young girl who lost her hair during Cancer treatment. It portrays her young struggle with getting to terms with the illness and changed her appearance through the treatment. A story told 'not to scare' but to understand. Viewing Age 7+ years Available Now Read More, Watch Promo...

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